Exciting, in vogue, exquisite, and finally!
Come with us on our journey to ATAMA.

TAO Restaurant / Bar in Spiesen-Elversberg is our temporary pop-up on the way to an exciting restaurant concept that will be created in 2024 with the Fine Dining Restaurant ATAMA by Martin Stopp in St. Ingbert. TAO already contains the essence of this upcoming Fine Dining Restaurant. 

Our focus is on drinking and eating culture, combined in a modern, trendy atmosphere. Select wines, extravagant drinks, and a tasting menu are available at the bar, surrounded by urban sounds. You are invited to enjoy the great pleasure journey with the menu for all senses in our restaurant.

Opening hours
SUN—TUE closed


"QUICK & DELICIOUS" Every Wednesday and Thursday. The menus are served in the restaurant and bar. Served within 2 hours.

Simply state "urban quicky" when making your reservation and we will prepare everything.

quick & delicious prices:

6 courses at the bar 85€.

4 courses in the restaurant 125€.

"TAO IN LOVE MENU" Valentine's Day is on 14.02.2024. Romantic atmosphere and an aromatic journey in 6 courses. The welcome drink is on us!

Simply state "TAO IN LOVE" when making your reservation. Everything by email mail@tao-atama.de or by phone at: 068215907455.

Menu price 175€


  • Credo

    Indulgence, passion, and authenticity.
    Menus for the soul - menus for the senses.
    Dedication and love of hospitality.

  • Product quality

    We stand by classic craftsmanship and always strive to further develop contemporary methods. French haute cuisine is our DNA, enhanced by influences from the Far East and other parts of the world. We live our hospitality with service of the highest standard, always warm and approachable.

  • Craftsmanship & professionalism

    We stand by the classic craft and always strive for further development of contemporary methods. Our cuisine has a French base and is complemented with influences from the Far East and other parts of the world. We embrace our hospitality with at the highest level, always warm and attentive.


Finally found the right gift for Christmas!

Please contact us directly and you will receive the


by pick-up or by mail.

E-mail: mail@tao-atama.de or phone number: +496821-5907455

Our cuisine represents creativity and culinary art in the heart of Saarland


  • Martin Stopp aka "Chef"


    Host, chef and creative spirit of ATAMA. Martin is the head and founder of ATAMA. His passion is to create unforgettable moments for his guests, to surprise and inspire them.

  • Nicolas Mialet aka „Mr. Miagi“


    Kitchen manager and the good soul of ATAMA.

  • Sabrina Schillo aka "Frau Schillo"


    The trained hotel manager completed her restaurant master's degree in 2020 and has now returned to her home, the Saarland, after working in Germany and Australia. Sabrina heads the service team at TAO, is a hostess, wine expert and has the right answer to all questions.

  • Gibril Kondor aka „Dr. Kondor“


    Bar chef and flavour artist with an inner urge to create emotions and memories with his craft.

  • Franziska Prinz aka „Peter“


    Head of patisserie and organisation manager with a passion for detail.

  • Marc Recktenwald aka „Herr Recktenwald“


    Head of Service Organisation and Quality Management and always the saviour in last need.

  • Maribel Recktenwald aka „Frau Recktenwald“


    Our charming smile and wish-fulfiller. The female Saarlander with Spanish roots has hospitality in her blood.

  • Louis Wiegand aka „Enricko“


    Sauce artist and staff food wizard. Responsible for meat, fish and fantastic sauces.

  • Lukas Wunsch aka „El Wunscho“


    Full-blooded chef and hobby butcher with a creative streak for vegetarian dishes. Responsible for starters and vegetables.

  • Martin Stopp aka "Chef"
  • Nicolas Mialet aka „Mr. Miagi“
  • Sabrina Schillo aka "Frau Schillo"
  • Gibril Kondor aka „Dr. Kondor“
  • Franziska Prinz aka „Peter“
  • Marc Recktenwald aka „Herr Recktenwald“
  • Maribel Recktenwald  aka  „Frau Recktenwald“
  • Louis Wiegand  aka  „Enricko“
  • Lukas Wunsch  aka  „El Wunscho“


If you are looking for a challenge and the chance to develop in a great environment, then apply to join Team TAO.

Join us on our journey to ATAMA.

We are looking for:

Sommelier / full time
Chef de rang / full time
Commis de rang / full-time
Young service talents / part-time or mini-job
Kitchen help / part-time

Send to the "Chef": martin.stopp@atama.de